Unlimited file sharing service, with unmetered API

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Filedoge Features Filedoge is a free file sharing service that allows users to share files easily and without any ads. It also offers an API for seamless integration with projects, providing unlimited file sharing and unmetered API access. Key Features: Easy File Sharing: Allows users to share files quickly and easily. API Integration: Offers an API for seamless integration with projects. Unlimited File Sharing: Provides the ability to share an unlimited number and size of files. Unmetered API Access: Ensures developers can utilize the API without usage restrictions. Ad-Free Experience: Delivers a file sharing service without intrusive advertisements. Use Cases: Individuals or teams who need to share files with others quickly and conveniently. Developers looking to integrate file sharing functionality into their applications or systems. Projects that require unlimited file sharing capabilities without restrictions on file size or quantity. Users who prefer an ad-free experience while sharing files. Filedoge is a reliable and user-friendly tool that simplifies file sharing, provides unlimited sharing capabilities, and offers an API for seamless integration.