Saved and shareable internet content collection.

Access to Fabric (Free)

Fabric Features Fabric Internet OS is a personal search engine and collaborative internet library that brings together all your files, notes, documents, bookmarks, and internet content in one place, allowing for faster and more efficient information management and collaboration. Key Features: Personal Search Engine: Aggregate all your files, notes, documents, bookmarks, and internet content into a single search interface. Collaborative Internet Library: Create shared spaces to collaborate with others, discuss ideas, and annotate webpages, images, and PDFs. Effortless Information Storage: Easily save and retrieve files, notes, images, comments, and other content by dragging, pasting, or clicking. Powerful Semantic Search: Use Fabric’s AI labeling and semantic search technology to find information in your own words without extensive folder organization. User-Friendly Interface: Accessible platform that requires no installation, supports sharing multiple notes with one link, and promotes seamless collaboration. Use Cases: Personal Information Management: Organize and search through files, notes, bookmarks, and internet content in one place for individual use. Team Collaboration: Create shared spaces to collaborate with colleagues, discuss ideas, and annotate webpages or documents. Research and Knowledge Sharing: Collect and organize information, annotate research materials, and share knowledge within a collaborative environment. Efficient Content Retrieval: Quickly locate specific files, notes, or content across different apps and sources using Fabric’s powerful search capabilities. Streamlined Communication: Share multiple notes or information with others through a single link, simplifying communication and collaboration. Fabric Internet OS provides individuals and teams with a comprehensive platform to streamline information management, foster collaboration, and improve productivity.