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EyeVisor Features EyeVisor is an AI-powered personal advisor for your LinkedIn page. It provides professional advice in a unique and engaging manner, with a mix of sarcasm and seriousness, to help you navigate your career and make the most out of your LinkedIn profile. Key Features: AI-Powered Professional Advice: Receive personalized recommendations and suggestions for your LinkedIn profile. Sarcastic or Serious Tone: Experience a unique and engaging approach to advice-giving. Profile Analysis: EyeVisor analyzes various aspects of your LinkedIn profile to provide tailored recommendations. Career Guidance: Get insights to help you navigate your career path and make strategic decisions. LinkedIn Optimization: Optimize your profile to enhance your professional brand and attract opportunities. Use Cases: Job seekers looking to improve their LinkedIn profiles and stand out to potential employers. Professionals who want to enhance their professional brand and increase their visibility on LinkedIn. Career changers seeking guidance on how to position themselves effectively on the platform. Individuals interested in receiving advice in a unique and entertaining manner. EyeVisor is your go-to AI personal advisor for your LinkedIn page.