Optimized code for efficient programming.

Access to Exo (Freemium)

Exo Features Acting as a virtual exoskeleton, EXO leverages its AI capabilities to assist programmers in coding more effectively. Key Features: AI-powered Code Creation and Optimization: EXO automates code generation and optimization using its advanced AI capabilities. Flexible Pricing Plans: EXO offers different pricing plans, including a Free Plan, Own API Key Plan, and Pro Plan. Free Plan with Open AI Credits: The Free Plan allows users to try the tool without financial commitment and includes $10 worth of Open AI credits. Own API Key Plan: For users with their own Open AI API key, the Own API Key Plan eliminates additional costs. Pro Plan: The Pro Plan offers unlimited API calls, providing enhanced access to EXO’s functionalities. Use Cases: • Streamline coding workflow by automating code creation and optimization. • Save time and effort in the coding process with AI-powered assistance. • Access different pricing plans to meet specific needs and budget requirements. EXO caters to programmers looking to improve their coding process, offering a range of pricing plans and AI-powered features to streamline workflow and boost productivity.