Personalized messages to prospects based on their LinkedIn profile.

Access to Everylead.ai (Freemium)

Everylead.ai Features Everylead is an AI-powered tool designed to personalize outbound sales messages at scale. Key features and advantages include: Highly engaging ice breakers: Automatically researches leads and writes personalized messages for outbound campaigns Time-saving: Eliminates manual research and message writing for each lead Increased response rate: Users can expect a 2x-5x response rate compared to traditional outbound sales campaigns Flexible pricing: Free plan with basic features, and a $29/month starter plan with additional benefits Use cases for Everylead are ideal for various sales professionals: Sales teams seeking to streamline their outreach process with personalized messaging Marketing professionals aiming to increase engagement and drive more sales Businesses looking to improve their outbound sales campaigns with AI-powered personalization Overall, Everylead offers a time-saving and effective solution for enhancing outbound sales campaigns through personalized messaging.