State-of-the-art models to generate images from a text description of what you want.

Access to Diffusers (Free)

Diffusers Features Diffusers is a native Mac app that uses state-of-the-art models to generate images from a text description of what you want. It offers various features and advantages, including: Privacy: Models are downloaded on demand and cached in your Mac’s hard drive. Your prompts and images are yours to use and will never leave your computer. Performance: Diffusers is optimized for maximum performance, leveraging the best technologies to offer you the most convenient way to access Diffusion models. Model Selection: Diffusers launches with a set of 5 models, downloaded from the Hugging Face Hub, each with its own personality and style. Generation Settings: Diffusers allows you to tweak the generation parameters to help you achieve the images you want, including the model to use, prompt and negative prompt, guidance scale, seed, and steps. Open Source: Diffusers is fully open-source and has a permissive license that allows you to build on it to create your own products. Use cases for Diffusers include generating images for fun or work, tweaking previous generations, providing hints for the model, and more. Diffusers is a trusted solution recommended by various reputable sources and is fully supported by Hugging Face.