Design Sparks

Explore new perspectives and possibilities for your design process through AI generated sparks

Access to Design Sparks (Free)

Design Sparks Features Design Sparks is an AI-based web-app developed by The National Centre for Creativity enabled by AI (CebAI). It combines established creative problem-solving techniques with AI to generate design ideas and sparks. Key Features: AI-Based Idea Generation: Uses AI to generate design ideas and sparks based on user input. Multiple Input Options: Supports input through typing, pasting links, or uploading PDFs. Save and Browse Ideas: Allows users to save generated sparks and browse through them for future use. Focus and Customization: Enables users to click on topics, generate more ideas from specific sparks, and adjust topic settings to analyze different themes. Creative Problem-Solving Techniques: Offers a selection of established creative problem-solving techniques to guide the idea generation process. Interactive Prompts and Insights: Provides interactive creativity prompts, curated knowledge, and insights to enhance the user experience and offer valuable guidance. Use Cases: Service, product, UX/UI designers, and stakeholders seeking new ideas and perspectives for their design projects. Individuals looking to enhance their creative problem-solving skills and generate innovative design concepts. Organizations and teams interested in fostering creativity, productivity, and critical thinking among their workforce. Design Sparks is a valuable AI-powered web-app that empowers users to generate design ideas using established problem-solving techniques.