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Deal Code Features Dealcode’s AI Sales Message Generator is a powerful tool designed to transform sales outreach and follow-ups. It utilizes artificial intelligence to compose highly personalized messages at a significantly faster rate compared to manual methods, resulting in a conversion rate improvement of up to 20 times. Key Features: Personalized Message Generation: Generates highly personalized sales messages at an accelerated pace. Time and Efficiency Savings: Automates the process of creating personalized conversations, saving users valuable time. Data-Driven Approach: Built on successful sales processes, leveraging data science techniques, and trained with extensive sales data points. Chrome Extension Integration: Offers a user-friendly experience through a downloadable Chrome extension for seamless integration with LinkedIn. Endorsed by Industry Experts: Trusted and recommended by Strategic Account Directors, Pre-Sales Heads, Chief Revenue Officers, and CEOs. GDPR Compliance: Hosted in Germany and adheres to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. Privacy and Security Measures: Provides a privacy policy, terms of service, technical and organizational measures, and a data processing agreement to ensure user security. Cookie Usage: Employs cookies for core website functionality, performance optimization, targeting, and enhanced functionality. Use Cases: Sales professionals, SDRs, and BDRs seeking a tool to streamline and enhance their outreach and follow-up processes. Sales Managers, Sales Leaders, and Sales Teams aiming to improve their overall conversion rates and productivity. Business Owners and entrepreneurs who want to engage potential customers effectively with personalized sales messages. Individuals and organizations in the B2B tech industry looking for a trusted and efficient AI-powered sales messaging solution. Dealcode’s AI Sales Message Generator offers a time-saving and efficient solution for sales professionals, managers, and teams to enhance their outreach and follow-up efforts.