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Plusdocs Features Supercharge your presentations with Plus AI, our AI-powered Google Slides add-on. With this powerful tool, you can quickly scaffold presentations and effortlessly keep them updated with self-updating Snapshots of your most important data. Hauptmerkmale: AI-powered Google Slides add-on: Enhance your presentations with the power of AI. Self-updating Snapshots: Capture screenshots that dynamically update with real-time data. Versatile use: Embed Snapshots in Google Slides, Notion docs, Slack, or any other platform. Chrome extension: Install our Chrome extension for easy Snapshot capture. Anwendungsfälle: • Create engaging presentations by easily adding dynamic, self-updating Snapshots. • Keep your presentations up to date with real-time data without manual updates. • Share Snapshots across various platforms for real-time information embedding. Plus AI revolutionizes presentations by providing an AI-powered Google Slides add-on that incorporates self-updating Snapshots.