Custom Story Creator

Create personalized graphic novels with text prompts.

Access to Custom Story Creator (Freemium)

Custom Story Creator Features XR Books generates unique visual narratives based on user-provided text prompts, allowing users to craft one-of-a-kind comics or anime without requiring technical or design skills. Key Features: AI-driven graphic novel creation: Generate unique visual narratives using advanced AI models. Customization options: Add new chapters, replace or update existing ones to tailor the generated novels. Free and paid plans: Access to AI-generated features and advanced customization options in paid plans. Saving and exporting: Save novels to your account or export them in various formats for sharing and printing. Genre options: Anime, comic books, children’s stories, with manga option coming soon. Use Cases: • Create tailor-made graphic novels, comics, and anime with personalized storylines. • Explore the immersive world of AI-crafted narratives and unlock boundless creativity. • Customize and enhance generated novels with additional chapters or updates. • Share and print your creations in various formats for easy distribution. XR Books – Custom Story Creator is an effective tool for storytelling enthusiasts seeking to bring their ideas to life through unique graphic narratives.