CrowdPrisma is a survey analysis engine that enables users to identify subgroups of respondents and extract meaningful insights from free-text responses at a significantly faster pace compared to traditional manual analysis.

Access to CrowdPrisma (Free Trial)

CrowdPrisma Features CrowdPrisma is a cutting-edge survey analysis tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to revolutionize the process of analyzing survey responses. With CrowdPrisma, users can uncover valuable insights and patterns within thousands of free-text responses in a fraction of the time it would take through manual analysis. Key Features: Automated Topic Modeling: AI-powered NLP algorithms automatically analyze and group free-text responses into relevant topics. Interactive Dashboard: Explore and analyze specific subgroups of respondents, uncovering relationships between different survey questions. Time-Saving Analysis: Reduce survey analysis time from weeks to less than an hour, enabling faster decision-making. Flexible Pricing: Free trial with access to all features, including one survey, ten questions, and two hundred participants. Beta Testing Program: Participants in the beta program enjoy a 25% discount on the first year’s bill. Use Cases: Market researchers seeking to analyze large volumes of survey responses quickly and accurately. Customer experience professionals looking to uncover insights and patterns in customer feedback. HR professionals aiming to understand employee sentiments and identify areas for improvement. Product managers and UX researchers wanting to gain a deeper understanding of user preferences and needs. Social scientists and academic researchers analyzing survey data for research purposes. Business owners and decision-makers looking to make data-driven decisions based on customer feedback. CrowdPrisma empowers users to unlock the full potential of their survey data by automating the analysis process and providing actionable insights in a fraction of the time. With its AI-powered capabilities and intuitive interface, CrowdPrisma revolutionizes the way survey responses are analyzed, helping users make informed decisions and drive meaningful outcomes.