AI pair programmer that suggests code & functions in real-time from your editor.

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Copilot Features GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered pair programming tool designed to streamline the coding process. Key features and advantages include: Real-time code suggestions: Uses OpenAI Codex to suggest lines or entire functions within your editor Time-saving: Eliminates boilerplate and repetitive code patterns, allowing developers to focus on building great software Easy integration: Works seamlessly with other GitHub products, such as Actions, Packages, Security, and more Use cases for GitHub Copilot are ideal for various developers: Software engineers seeking to improve productivity and code quality Project managers looking to streamline the development process Customization: Copilot Replay for quick code iteration and Copilot Train for domain-specific model customization Overall, GitHub Copilot offers a powerful and time-saving solution for developers, enhancing their coding experience and efficiency.