Commander GPT

Streamline Your GPT Usage on Desktop – Quick and Effortlessly

Access to Commander GPT (Paid)

Commander GPT Features Commander GPT is a desktop application designed to enhance your AI experience by providing a simple yet powerful command interface for accessing ChatGPT without leaving your keyboard. It is available for both Mac and PC. Features: Chat: Access GPT using a simple command, on top of any app you’re using. Generate images: Create images at the click of a button using OpenAI’s Dall-E model. Translate: Select a language and Commander GPT will translate any text you select using GPT. YouTube videos: Provide the URL of a YouTube video and Commander will answer any questions you ask based on the transcript. Workflow Enhancements Work faster: Commander GPT opens in front of all other windows, allowing you to use it without interrupting your workflow. Access with a single command: Use Command+Shift+G to open Commander GPT, type your command, and press enter. View your history: Commander GPT keeps a local history of all your sessions. Customize your assistant: Pass custom system prompts to GPT and change the way it responds to you.