Codiga is a powerful AI-powered static code analysis tool designed to enhance code quality and improve developer productivity

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Codiga Features Codiga is an AI-powered static code analysis tool that offers customizable static code analysis, automated code reviews, secure code analysis, and a library of code snippets. It supports various development environments and provides comprehensive support for multiple programming languages. Key Features: Customizable Static Code Analysis: Create custom static code analysis rules and leverage existing rules from the Codiga Hub. Automated Code Fixes: One-click automated code fixes for vulnerabilities and coding issues. Secure Code Analysis: Support for industry-standard security guidelines such as OWASP Top 10, MITRE CWE, and SANS/CWE Top 25. Automated Code Reviews: Comprehensive analysis for over 12 programming languages and 1800+ rules. Multi-Branch Support: Support for multiple branches and compatibility with popular languages and libraries. Code Snippets: Create and share smart code snippets with the team or access a large collection of snippets available in the IDE. Use Cases: Enhancing code quality and maintainability. Streamlining code reviews and automating vulnerability fixes. Ensuring adherence to security best practices. Increasing developer productivity and efficiency. Facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing through code snippets. Boost your code quality, security, and productivity with Codiga. Customize your static code analysis, automate code reviews, and leverage a library of code snippets to optimize your development process. Join the Codiga community and experience the power of AI-driven code analysis and collaboration.