CodeComplete is developing an Enterprise-focused AI code assistant similar to Github Copilot.

Access to (Contact for Pricing) Features CodeComplete is dedicated to creating an AI code assistant tailored for Enterprise customers, similar to Github Copilot. What sets CodeComplete apart is its self-hosted approach, allowing the assistant to run on the customer’s own servers. Key Features: Self-hosted infrastructure: CodeComplete’s AI code assistant runs on the customer’s own servers, ensuring enhanced security and privacy. Customization options: Fine-tune the assistant to align with the customer’s codebase and coding style, leading to better integration into their workflow. IP control: Self-hosting grants customers greater control over their intellectual property. Improved security: Running the assistant on the customer’s infrastructure reduces potential risks associated with cloud-based services. Private beta access: Interested customers or individuals within their network can contact CodeComplete to participate in the private beta and explore the AI code assistant’s capabilities. Use Cases: Enterprise code assistance: Enable developers in enterprise settings to leverage an AI-powered code assistant tailored to their specific needs. Enhanced security and privacy: Address data security and privacy concerns by opting for a self-hosted solution. Workflow integration: Customize the code assistant to seamlessly integrate into the customer’s existing developer workflow. Intellectual property protection: Retain control over intellectual property while utilizing AI-powered code assistance. CodeComplete’s self-hosted AI code assistant offers Enterprise customers enhanced security, privacy, customization options, and IP control.