Boost sales with AI-powered personalisation and relevance.

Access to (Contact for Pricing) Features is a comprehensive platform that utilises AI technology to enhance your customer journey, driving sales through personalised site search, product recommendations, emails, social media, and ads. Key Features: Sales- and behaviour-based search engine: Convert more searches into sales by understanding customer behaviour. Personalised product recommendations: Present the right products at the right time to encourage purchases. Automated email marketing: Boost sales with personalised 1:1 product recommendation emails. Powerful customer segmentation: Target and grow your ideal customer base. Wide range of industry applications: Cater to various sectors with tailored solutions. Use Cases: • Enhancing site search results to improve customer satisfaction and sales. • Showcasing personalised product recommendations to drive conversions. • Automating email marketing campaigns with tailored product suggestions. • Utilising customer data to inform effective targeting and segmentation. offers a powerful solution for businesses looking to improve their sales and customer engagement through personalisation and AI-driven insights.