AI-powered app enabling easy creation of 3D models through natural language communication.

Access to ChatCAD (Free)

ChatCAD Features ChatCAD is a unique app that revolutionizes 3D model creation by allowing users to convey their design ideas in natural language, just like chatting with a chatbot. Powered by AI, the tool interprets and converts these ideas into precise 3D models. Key Features: Natural language communication: Create 3D models by describing design ideas in everyday language. Simplified design process: Users can make design alterations by describing changes, and ChatCAD automatically produces updated 3D models. Accessibility for non-technical users: Enables non-technical individuals to design and prototype 3D-printable objects without complex software knowledge. Seamless integration and versatility: Integrates well with other computer-aided design tools and outputs files in commonly used 3D formats. Use Cases: • Enable non-technical individuals to design and prototype 3D-printable objects effortlessly. • Streamline the process of making design changes by describing alterations in natural language. • Facilitate collaboration between designers, engineers, artists, and other users in the 3D modeling process. • Provide a versatile tool that integrates well with existing computer-aided design workflows. Experience the power of ChatCAD, an AI-powered app that transforms 3D model creation through natural language communication.