Cassette AI is your copilot for music creation.

Access to CassetteAI (Freemium)

CassetteAI Features Cassette AI is an AI-powered music production platform enabling users to create unique beats from text descriptions. Key features and advantages include: AI-generated beats: Analyzes music patterns, styles, and trends to produce high-quality beats Customization: Tailor beats based on genre, mood, length, and instrumentation Royalty-free: No ownership restrictions on created beats NFT and AR integration: Collaborates with Polygon Studios and Pixl for NFT scavenger hunts and AR experiences Use cases for Cassette AI cater to various music enthusiasts: Music producers seeking an innovative approach to beat creation NFT collectors interested in music-based NFTs and AR experiences Artists looking for unique, royalty-free beats for their projects Overall, Cassette AI offers a creative and versatile platform for music production and NFT integration, limited only by users’ imagination.