Enhanced chat interactions with improved assistance.

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Breezy.Chat Features Breezy.Chat is an AI tool that offers an enhanced chat interface called Fluent ChatGPT UI. It provides users with features such as new chat settings, an AI assistant, and the ability to choose different characters. Key Features: Fluent ChatGPT UI: Enhanced chat interface for a superior chat experience. New Chat Settings: Personalize the chat experience by choosing different characters. AI Assistant: Prompt responses and actions based on user queries. API Integration: Use an API key to seamlessly integrate Breezy.Chat with other applications. Customizable API Settings: Tailor the tool to specific needs and preferences. Use Cases: Enhancing chat interactions with an AI-powered assistant. Personalizing the chat experience by choosing different characters. Integrating Breezy.Chat with other applications for improved workflow and functionality. Breezy.Chat offers users a comprehensive and dynamic tool for improved chat interactions.