Stores and manages data backend for apps.

Access to Baseplate (Free)

Baseplate Features Baseplate is an advanced AI tool designed to serve as a backend for LLM (Language Model) apps, offering comprehensive features for embedding and storing different types of data. With Baseplate, users can efficiently manage documents, images, vectors, and other data types. Key Features: Data Embedding and Storage: Embed and store various types of data, including documents, images, vectors, and more. High-Performance Retrieval Workflows: Ensure accurate and efficient data retrieval, regardless of data size, type, or domain. Easy-to-Use UI and API: Simplify data management through a user-friendly interface and API. Version Control: Keep data up-to-date and synchronized with seamless version control. Unified Hybrid Database: Store diverse data types within the same table for streamlined organization and retrieval. Backend Integration: Connect Baseplate to LLM apps easily through its API and UI. Custom Embeddings: Configure hybrid search capabilities with tailored embeddings for specific data. Multimodal LLM Responses APIs: Enhance user interactions with relevant thumbnails, links, sources, and more. Free Trial and Customer Support: Explore Baseplate’s features with a free trial and access support through Discord and Twitter. Use Cases: Data-centric businesses managing extensive document and data collections. Developers building LLM apps seeking an efficient backend solution. AI product teams looking to enhance LLM Ops and improve AI product performance. Users aiming to streamline data management, embedding, retrieval, and storage workflows. Baseplate is a powerful tool that empowers users to efficiently manage and retrieve diverse types of data within their LLM apps.