Arches AI provides Enterprise AI tools for exploring data using artificial intelligence, enabling the creation of chatbots, search engines, LLM agents, and more.

Access to Archesai (Freemium)

Archesai Features Arches AI offers powerful tools for exploring data using artificial intelligence in an enterprise setting. With Arches AI, users can create various applications such as chatbots, search engines, LLM (Language Model) agents, and more, leveraging the capabilities of AI technology. Key Features: Enterprise AI tools: Provides tools for exploring data using AI, including chatbots, search engines, LLM agents, and more. Compatibility with various document types: Supports uploading research papers, books, newspapers, study guides, manuals, and more. Semantic search: Enables searching by semantic meaning using word embeddings instead of exact language matches. Data security: Stores documents in encrypted cloud storage and enforces strict security rules. Use Cases: Knowledge discovery: Use AI-powered tools to explore and extract insights from various types of documents. Enhanced customer support: Build chatbots that can provide accurate answers supported by direct citations from relevant documents. Advanced information retrieval: Develop search engines that enable semantic search for unstructured text information. Arches AI empowers enterprises to leverage the potential of AI technology for data exploration.