AIWOD is an AI-powered platform that generates daily bodyweight workouts to keep users engaged and motivated in their fitness journey.

Access to Aiwod (Free)

Aiwod Features AIWOD was born as a Christmas side project with a simple goal in mind: to create a daily bodyweight workout that would keep the developer engaged and motivated. Tired of the repetitive nature of designing workouts, they turned to the power of GPT-3 and later ChatGPT to see if these language models could assist in generating workouts. To their surprise, the workouts generated by the model turned out to be great. Key Features: AI-Powered Workouts: AIWOD generates daily bodyweight workouts using GPT-3 and ChatGPT, ensuring variety and engagement. Personalized and Tailored: The workouts are personalized to the user’s needs, preferences, and fitness level. Refined and Improved: Through iterations and user feedback, the generated workouts have been refined to be effective and suitable. Daily Workout Emails: Users can sign up to receive daily emails with their personalized workouts, keeping them motivated and on track. Use Cases: Fitness Enthusiasts: AIWOD is perfect for fitness enthusiasts looking for daily bodyweight workouts to keep them engaged and motivated. Variety and Engagement: The generated workouts provide variety and eliminate the boredom of repetitive workout routines. AIWOD is the ultimate companion for fitness enthusiasts seeking fresh and engaging bodyweight workouts.