AI-powered Chrome extension cuts writing time by 98%.

Access to AIDuh (Contact for Pricing)

AIDuh Features AI-Responder for HostAway is a Chrome extension designed to help hosts save time when responding to guest inquiries using AI-powered responses. Key features and advantages include: AI-generated responses: Draws on property-specific knowledge, guest data, and chat history for accurate and relevant replies High quality: 88.2% of AI responses scored 4 or 5 in quality tests, requiring minimal editing Cost-effective: 14-day free trial and lifetime price lock of $49/month/listing Use cases for AI-Responder for HostAway cater to various hosting needs: Hosts seeking to save time and effort in guest communication Property managers aiming to improve response quality and consistency Hospitality businesses looking to automate guest inquiries for increased efficiency Overall, AI-Responder for HostAway offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for automating guest communication, ensuring a seamless experience for both hosts and guests.