AI Office Bot

Generate & Explain formulas with AI on Airtable, Google Sheets, or Excel.

Access to AI Office Bot (Freemium)

AI Office Bot Features AI Office Bot is an innovative SaaS product designed to enhance productivity by supporting various applications using AI. Key features and advantages include: AI-powered support: Generates and explains formulas for Airtable, Google Sheets, and Excel, and provides How Tos for Microsoft Office and Creative Suite Ease of use: Select software, prompt, input question, and receive an answer in seconds Flexible plans: Starter, Essential, and Pro plans available, with a 30% discount promo code Use cases for AI Office Bot cater to various professionals: Data analysts seeking AI assistance with spreadsheet formulas Office workers looking for quick How Tos for Microsoft Office and Creative Suite Designers anticipating upcoming support for Figma and Design Resources With new features and applications planned for February 2023, AI Office Bot offers a valuable solution for increasing productivity across multiple software applications.