AI Magic Writer

Assisted video script creation.

Access to AI Magic Writer (Freemium)

AI Magic Writer Features AI Magic Writer is an AI-powered video script writing tool that generates professional scripts in seconds. Users describe their topic, and the tool instantly generates catchy scripts tailored to their needs. It offers various templates for different topics and integrates with BIGVU’s editing tools for easy video branding and sharing. Key Features: AI-powered Script Generation: Instantly generates professional scripts based on the user’s description of the topic. Wide Range of Templates: Offers various templates for different topics, including business pitches, sales proposals, news updates, and industry tips. Scrolling Script Display: Presents the generated script in a scrolling format, allowing users to maintain eye contact with the camera. Integration with BIGVU’s Editing Tools: Seamlessly integrates with BIGVU’s suite of editing tools for video branding and customization. Effortless Sharing: Enables users to share their videos across multiple social media platforms with just one click. Use Cases: Content creators and marketers who need to produce videos quickly and efficiently. Professionals giving business pitches, sales presentations, or industry updates. Individuals seeking an AI-powered tool to streamline their video content creation process. Social media influencers and vloggers who want to enhance their video production workflow. AI Magic Writer empowers users to effortlessly generate professional video scripts, saving them time and enhancing their video content creation process.