A.V. Mapping

AI Recommends Video’s Music with License. Benefits to musicians

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A.V. Mapping Features A.V. Mapping is an AI-powered video and music mapping and licensing platform that significantly accelerates the filmmaking process. Key features and advantages include: AI-driven music selection: Patented AI algorithm analyzes various aspects of video and music content to recommend suitable music for videos One-stop solution: Streamlines music searching, mapping, and licensing for filmmakers Customization and tools: Offers custom film music creation, sound editing, and various AI tools for video, text, and music analysis Use cases for A.V. Mapping span a range of filmmaking activities: Save time and costs in music selection and licensing for filmmakers Enhance video editing with AI-driven analysis and recommendations Create custom film music and soundscapes for unique projects Praised for its convenience and efficiency, A.V. Mapping is a winner of the 2020 Red Dot award and has been commended by various industry professionals.