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Shakio Features Sharkio is an API proxy tool designed specifically for developers to enhance their development environments. It records all requests sent to your API and provides a range of features to improve your API development workflow. With Sharkio, developers can easily replay requests, generate types for their preferred programming languages based on real data, and interact with their API using AI. Caractéristiques principales: Request Recording: Sharkio acts as a proxy that records all requests made to your API. It captures the request and response data, allowing you to analyze and inspect the traffic in detail. Request Replay: The tool enables developers to easily replay recorded requests. This feature is useful for testing, debugging, and reproducing specific scenarios during API development. Types Generation: Sharkio provides the ability to generate types for your favorite programming language based on real data from the recorded requests. This feature saves developers time by automatically generating code snippets or data models that match the API’s structure. Documentation Generation: The tool can assist in generating API documentation based on the recorded requests. It automatically extracts relevant information and formats it into comprehensive API documentation, making it easier for other developers to understand and use your API. Test Suite Generation: Sharkio allows developers to generate test suites based on the recorded requests. This feature helps ensure the stability and reliability of the API by providing a set of preconfigured tests that can be run regularly. AI-powered Interactions: The tool incorporates AI capabilities to enhance API interaction. It enables developers to interact with the API using natural language or predefined commands, making the development process more intuitive and efficient. Cas d’utilisation: API Developers: Sharkio is tailored for API developers who want to improve their development workflow, streamline testing and debugging, and generate documentation and test suites more efficiently. Development Teams: Development teams working on API projects can benefit from Sharkio by collaborating on API testing, documentation, and code generation using real data captured by the tool. API Documentation Writers: Sharkio can be used by API documentation writers to automatically generate accurate and up-to-date API documentation based on the recorded requests. Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers: QA engineers can leverage Sharkio to reproduce specific scenarios and perform thorough testing by replaying recorded requests and generating test suites. In summary, Sharkio is an API proxy tool that enhances the development environment for API developers.